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Are you looking for beautiful Vietnamese mail order brides online? If you decided to search for a Vietnamese woman on the Internet, then you are lucky. There are dozens of Asian mail order bride services that will provide you with an opportunity to meet and date good-looking Vietnamese mail-order brides online.

Why did you decide to look for a Vietnamese mail order bride online? Have you heard anything special about these brides? You just have. Vietnamese brides are naturally beautiful, Vietnamese brides are traditional and loyal. This is what draws many foreign men to meet, date and get married to brides from this country in South Asia.

Sites To Find a Vietnamese Bride in 2024


3 Interesting facts about Vietnamese mail order brides

  1. Strong Family Values: Vietnamese culture places a strong emphasis on family values, and this is often reflected in the upbringing of Vietnamese brides. Family is considered extremely important, and girls are often raised with a sense of responsibility towards their families. Respect for elders and maintaining close family ties are common cultural values.
  2. Education and Ambition: Vietnamese brides are often highly motivated and value education. Many strive to pursue higher education and professional careers. The country has seen significant progress in terms of women’s empowerment, with an increasing number of Vietnamese girls actively participating in various fields, including business, science, and technology.
  3. Cultural Diversity: Vietnam is a culturally diverse country with various ethnic groups, and this diversity is reflected in the characteristics of Vietnamese brides. Depending on their region and ethnic background, Vietnamese brides may have distinct cultural practices, traditional clothing, and dialects. This diversity adds richness to the overall cultural tapestry of Vietnam.

Find Real Vietnamese Brides Online

Huang 29 y.o.
Film director
Music, DJ
Chun 32 y.o.
Makeup Artist
Yoga, Piano
Daiyu 28 y.o.
Calligraphy, Ceremonies
Dalisay 26 y.o.
Cooking, Reading
Hiraya 29 y.o.
Art Director
Music, Nature
Maya 26 y.o.
Software engineer
Dance, Cooking

Vietnamese Dating Culture

Vietnamese dating culture is influenced by traditional values and customs. Here are some key aspects:

  1. Family-Centric Values:
    • Family holds significant importance in Vietnamese culture. Respect for parents and close family ties are highly valued.
  2. Conservative Approach:
    • Vietnamese dating culture tends to be more conservative compared to Western cultures. Respectful and modest behavior is appreciated.
  3. Introduction through Friends and Family:
    • Introductions often occur through mutual friends or family members. The approval of parents is considered crucial.
  4. Traditional Gender Roles:
    • Traditional gender roles may still play a role in dating. Western men often take the lead in initiating relationships, while women may emphasize modesty and loyalty.
  5. Cultural Rituals:
    • Traditional rituals, such as the Tea Ceremony during weddings, highlight the importance of respect for ancestors and family.
  6. Respect for Elders:
    • Respect for elders is a key aspect of Vietnamese culture. Younger individuals seek guidance and approval from their elders in matters of relationships.
  7. Gradual Progression:
    • Relationships tend to progress gradually. Casual dating may not be as common, and individuals often consider long-term commitment.
  8. Modern Influences:
    • While traditional values remain strong, modern influences are shaping Vietnamese dating culture. Online dating and social media are becoming more prevalent.
  9. Communication Styles:
    • Open communication is valued, but individuals may express emotions and feelings in a more reserved manner.
  10. Future-Oriented:
    • Vietnamese dating often involves considering the long-term prospects of a relationship, including the potential for marriage and family.

Understanding and respecting these cultural aspects is crucial for anyone engaging in dating within the Vietnamese culture. Approaching relationships with sincerity, patience, and cultural sensitivity is key to building meaningful connections.

What Are Vietnamese Wives Like?

According to our experience, thousands of US single men tend to look for Asian women more and more every single year. Western bachelors want to get married and create families with traditional brides rather than those who focus on money and career. Even though times gave changes and the role of a woman in marriage is different now, most Vietnamese ladies still remain very family-oriented.

There are plenty of success stories shared by men who got married to Vietnamese women. Those men feel happy, content and blessed. This is true, Asian ladies are perfect for marriage. It seems like Vietnamese brides were born to become good wives and mothers. Even though it may seem strange that men from first-world countries want to marry girls from a third-world country, but it’s true. You must wonder what the differences between Vietnamese brides for marriage and their counterparts from the US are. Keep reading and find the answers.

Beautiful Appearance

There are quite a few reasons why single Vietnamese women can easily win the battle. The first reason is that their outer beauty matches their inside world. Vietnamese mail order brides are soft, kind, sweet and attractive. Vietnamese ladies attract men with their pretty appearance but then men fall in love with their pleasant personalities. Their character, their traditional views, focus on having a family, a healthy lifestyle, and non-materialistic ideals make them perfect partners for marriage. Pretty Vietnamese brides are not mean, judgemental or fake. Vietnamese ladies are pure, honest, loyal and very loving. Every man who starts a relationship with a Vietnamese woman notices it.


A Vietnamese wife is loyal, supportive and humble. Unlike some brides in the US, a traditional woman from South Asia is not spoiled by attention and compliments. Mail order brides are shy and modest. This makes men respect them and treat them with lots of love. If honesty and devotion mean a lot to you in a relationship, then you are guaranteed to feel safe and secure with your Vietnamese girlfriend. She won’t cheat on you, because Chinese women will value your nice attitude and love.

Traditional Mindset

Vietnamese singles are traditional. Vietnamese ladies search for life partners but not men to have fun with. Local brides are family-oriented and Vietnamese brides always put family values before everything else. Because of cultural background, local brides are traditional, romantic, and loyal. It makes them perfect girlfriends and wives for men from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Traditional gender stereotypes are still strong in this country, so local brides are very different from Western ladies who focus on feminism and independence

Family As a Priority

A focus on family – this is what makes these ladies so attractive for Westerners. It’s all about their cultural and historical background — traditional family values are very valuable in Vietnam even today. People have great respect for their parents and Vietnamese girls value family traditions more than wealth. Unlike the majority of brides in the US, Asian girls put family first. Vietnamese ladies search for reliable, living and family-oriented men to build a long-lasting relationship, not a relationship for fun which is so common in the West.

They Love Savings

Another reason why Westerners like Vietnamese mail order brides is the fact Vietnamese brides don’t spend too much money on things that don’t really matter. Mail order brides are good at saving money. Vietnamese ladies study hard and work hard to provide for themselves and their elderly parents. Moreover, Vietnamese ladies are definitely not gold diggers unlike many girls in the West.

Our Interview with a Vietnamese Mail Order Bride

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Can you start by introducing yourself and sharing a bit about your background?

Hi, I'm Mei, originally from China. I decided to explore the possibility of finding love through a mail-order bride platform, hoping to connect with someone who shares my values.

What inspired you to consider becoming a mail-order bride?

Life in my hometown presented limited options, and I wanted to broaden my horizons. The idea of meeting someone from a different culture intrigued me. I believed it could lead to a deeper connection.

How was the experience of connecting with your partner through a mail-order bride platform?

It was a mix of excitement and caution. I carefully went through profiles, exchanged messages, and eventually found someone I connected with on a personal level. We took the time to understand each other before deciding to meet.

Were there any challenges or misconceptions you encountered during this process?

Certainly. There are misconceptions about mail-order brides, and it's important to emphasize that we are individuals seeking genuine connections. Challenges included adapting to cultural differences and ensuring safety throughout the process.

What advice would you give to others considering the mail-order bride route, particularly from an Asian perspective?

Be patient, communicate openly, and be honest about your expectations. Respect and understand each other's cultural backgrounds. It's a unique path, and approaching it with an open heart can lead to wonderful outcomes.

Thank you, Mei, for sharing your insights with us. We wish you continued happiness in your journey.

Thank you. It's been a pleasure

Vietnamese Women Online Dating Tips

We are sure that you already want to meet a single woman from Vietnam. However, you may feel apprehensive and worry about making some mistakes. We are going to provide you with steps that should you follow to get a lovely Vietnamese girlfriend. Read and follow our guide!

The first thing that you should do is to find a reliable mail order bride service. The number of dating platforms that focus on Asian dating is quite big. Later in this article, we will provide you with some trustworthy dating websites’ names. However, let us explain how to get a beautiful woman from Vietnam first:

Upload Your Photos

When registering at a dating website, add your photos. Plain or empty profiles don’t attract singles. Choose the full-body photos as well as pictures where brides can see your face clearly. You will look for profiles of brides with photos, right? So, create a nice profile to draw attention.

Describe Yourself

Write about yourself, your hobbies, lifestyle and add some words to describe your ideal wife. This will help to draw potential brides to send you a message.

Don’t Rush to Get Intimate with a Vietnamese Woman

Engaging in intimate relations on the first date is not culturally acceptable here. If you’re interested in dating Vietnamese brides with the intention of marriage, it’s crucial not to rush into physical intimacy. Such behavior can be offensive and may create a negative impression. Building a connection based on mutual respect and understanding is key to a successful relationship.

Show Respect to Vietnamese girl


Asian people have different values. Vietnamese ladies focus on family traditions rather than money, career, a big house a fancy car, expensive clothes, etc. Don’t try to change the way your Vietnamese girlfriend is. Meeting a woman who doesn’t have materialistic ideals is unusual, so you better respect it.

Don’t Delay Getting Married

In Vietnamese culture, people don’t really date for years, unlike in the West. If you think that your Vietnam girlfriend will wait for years until you propose, you are wrong. The number of men who want to marry beautiful Vietnamese girls for marriage us big, so don’t lose your lucky chance.

It’s time to find the names of the best mail order bride services that will help you to get acquainted with charming Vietnamese brides.

Marrying a Vietnamese Bride: What to Expect

Marrying a Vietnamese women means embracing rich family values, traditional gender roles, and a commitment to building a stable and enduring relationship. Communication styles may be reserved, and efforts to understand cultural nuances and engage in traditions are essential. The journey involves seeking approval from elders and navigating a future-oriented outlook on marriage as a lifelong commitment. Overall, it’s a blend of cultural richness, respect for traditions, and building a strong connection with Vietnamese lady based on mutual understanding and commitment.

Success Stories from Vietnamese Dating Sites

Success Story #1 Image
William and Daiyu AsianMelodies logo
William and Daiyu connected on an Asian dating site, drawn together by their shared cultural roots despite living in different countries. Their messages quickly evolved into deep conversations, sparking a desire to meet. When William traveled to China, their connection intensified. Exploring Daiyu's hometown solidified their bond, and they realized they wanted to be together. William made the life-changing decision to relocate to China. They combined their cultures, careers, and passions, creating a beautiful blend in their lives. Their story stands as a testament to the power of love transcending borders, showcasing how understanding and embracing differences can lead to a fulfilling life built on mutual respect and shared dreams.
Success Story #2 Image
Michael and Huang TheLuckyDate Asian logo
Michael and Huang's love story started on an Asian dating site, drawn together by shared interests despite living in different countries. Their messages quickly turned into deep conversations, prompting Michael to visit Taiwan. Their chemistry in person solidified their bond, leading Michael to relocate. Together, they blended their creative talents, showcasing the beauty of their union through collaborative projects. Their story exemplifies how love transcends distance and cultural barriers, creating a life founded on shared passions and mutual understanding.

Why do mail order brides from Vietnam seek Western men?

Some reasons individuals from Vietnam may be interested in relationships with Western men, aiming to marry foreign men, include:
  1. Economic Opportunities:
    • Some individuals may be attracted to the prospect of improved economic opportunities and a higher standard of living in Western countries.
  2. Cultural Exchange:
    • Desire for cultural exchange and exposure to a different way of life can be a motivating factor.
  3. Educational Opportunities:
    • Seeking educational opportunities or access to a different educational system is another potential reason.
  4. Perception of Western Values:
    • Perceptions of Western values such as gender equality, individual freedom, and openness may attract individuals seeking these qualities in a partner.
  5. Globalization and Connectivity:
    • Increased globalization and connectivity through the internet have facilitated international relationships, making it easier for people from different parts of the world to connect.

It’s crucial to recognize that motivations for entering relationships are highly individual, and generalizations should be avoided. Each person’s story is unique, and it’s important to approach discussions about relationships with respect for individual choices and cultural understanding. If you have specific questions or concerns, consider engaging in open and respectful conversations with individuals rather than relying on broad assumptions.

Best Vietnam Dating Sites

It is important to keep in mind that dating sites have been chosen with a subjective perspective and point of view. Thus, it can happen that you or someone else may not like it. Be always careful and get to know these sites closer.


This is a fantastic dating website that was created especially for those Westerners who search for Asian brides for marriage online. AsianMelodies holds profiles of young and mature women from Vietnam, so if you are looking for a trustworthy dating service to get acquainted with single or divorced ladies from this country, don’t delay becoming a member of this website. Browse through profiles of lovely women for marriage by age, marital status, children, religion, smoking and drinking habits, relationship goals and appearance. Register for free by providing your gender, name, date of birth, email and create a password to your account.

955 people visited this site today
Most popular
  • 9.9


Another legit Asian dating website that will bring you meaningful contacts of sweet and sexy Vietnamese brides is TheLuckyDate. This dating platform has a nice design, easy navigation and all the necessary tools to make your web dating experience amazing. TheLuckyDate has a big experience and hundreds of success stories. Signup for free and create a profile to get found by hot Vietnamese ladies. Browse through beautiful bride profiles, view their private photos and read their profiles. TheLuckyDate makes dating experience unforgettable because it helps to meet romantic girls, chat with them online, send them flowers and build a serious relationship.

961 people visited this site today
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Our last choice is EasternHoneys Vietnamese wife finder that promises to find your date very soon. The website offers high-quality female profiles, real photos only and informative profiles from which you can learn about potential brides. Visit attractive girls’ profiles and find information about their age, location, marital status, education, job, religion, hobbies, habits, and type of relationship young girls are looking for. Register for free and get credits to be able to exchange messages, send gifts to brides who you like, request their contact information and view their private photos.

1817 people visited this site today
  • 9.7

Choose one of these amazing dating platforms to meet charming Vietnamese wives regardless of big distance. If you have never thought that meeting a cute Asian woman would be possible, now you can do it without leaving your home.


Finding a perfect Vietnamese bride online and building a serious relationship through digital platforms has become increasingly popular. While it may seem unconventional, online dating services have brought success to many men worldwide. If you’re interested in dating Vietnamese women, consider signing up on one of three reputable dating platforms today. Connect with beautiful Vietnamese girls online, and explore the potential for a meaningful and lasting relationship. Embrace the opportunity to engage in genuine conversations, respecting cultural nuances, and fostering connections with Vietnamese women seeking companionship and love.

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