Japanese Mail Order Brides: How To Find and Marry a women from Japan

Japan distinguishes itself as a country firmly anchored in its traditions. Nowhere else on the planet can showcase such a unique fusion of ancient rituals, vibrant culture, and avant-garde trends. Calligraphy and computer technology, traditional houses, tea ceremony, and the high-speed rhythm of life – all this is Japan.

If you are aiming to find Japanese Brides, then our experts advise you to read this review below, which has gathered all the necessary information about these women for you.

Sites To Find a Japanese Bride in 2024


Who Are Japanese Mail Order Brides?

Japanese Mail order Bride is primarily a Japanese girl who decided to find her happiness online. All Japanese girls created profiles adorned with images and stories to inhabit specialized platforms where individuals pursue potential international connections, fueled by their enthusiasm for varied cultures and global discovery.

Find Real Japanese Brides Online

Maya 26 y.o.
Software engineer
Dance, Cooking
Hiraya 29 y.o.
Art Director
Music, Nature
Daiyu 28 y.o.
Calligraphy, Ceremonies
Chun 32 y.o.
Makeup Artist
Yoga, Piano
Huang 29 y.o.
Film director
Music, DJ
Dalisay 26 y.o.
Cooking, Reading

Pros And Cons Of Dating Japanese Brides

If your desire to find a Japanese Wife is very strong, then below our experts have collected the pros and cons of this decision for you.

Japanese Wives appreciate equality and mutual love.Every Japanese Girl is a workaholic, so you will have to take care of her health.
Since Japanese women are workaholics, she will have one hundred percent of her income. And she will not marry you for money.Thanks to Japanese traditions, the compatibility of spouses is determined from the point of view of many factors, and even horoscopes, so you need to know this to understand Japanese Girls.
In Japan, they are very calm about any religion, but they respect good ceremoniesYou, as a foreign bridegroom and a non-foreign bridegroom, will have to give a Japanese Woman a ring with a diamond or a stone corresponding to the bride’s horoscope when you get married. 
Japanese Girls for marriage arrange a wedding ceremony in special complexes. Such complexes have everything you need – small Catholic churches, Shinto temples, banquet halls, and photo studios. If you like parties, then you will like the average Japanese bride.To the parents of Japanese Mail Order Wife or offline girlfriend, you will need to give five, seven or nine envelopes. In one of Japanese ladies there is money, which should compensate for the expenses of the wedding.

5 Facts To Know About Japanese Mail Order Brides

If you are really looking for mail order Bride from Country Japan then few facts below can help you in that.

  1. In the samurai days, the husband and wife were chosen with the consent of the clan elders. Before entering matrimony, the bride had to maintain her purity, and post-wedding, she was expected to exhibit unwavering obedience to her husband. 

The woman became his property, and all her property also went to the groom. In post-war times, the new Japanese constitution legalized the equality of men and women. Later, European customs penetrated Japanese marriage traditions, and marriages are entered into only for mutual love.

  1. Some things have remained from the samurai times – for example, the institution of swag (nakada), as well as the tradition of exchanging engagement gifts (yuno). The popularity of nakada in Japan is explained not only by custom, but also by the fact that the Japanese are a very busy people; it can be said that it is a nation of workaholics.

Therefore, dating with the help of a matchmaker remains relevant. Professional nakads simply offer various candidates, and young people choose their spouse from them.

  1. According to Japanese traditions, the compatibility of spouses is determined from the point of view of many factors, and even horoscopes. It should be noted that the role of nakada can be performed by one man or woman, but most often it is a married couple. 

If Japanese Mail order Brides and their love security men have already made their own choice, they often turn to their supervisor at work or a professor at university to act as a nakada.

  1. The decisive moment is the first formal meeting of potential brides and grooms. It can be attended by nakads and even the parents of the young. Such a meeting is called a miai. This is usually lunch at a restaurant or a trip to the theater. 

Young people look closely at each other, and if they have mutual sympathy, they continue to meet; if not, they do not stop the search.

  1. After some time, during which the couple has time to fall in love and decide to get married, the Japanese proceed to the engagement ceremony. An important role here is played by special gifts exchanged between the bride and groom and their families. 

The groom gives his girlfriend a ring with a diamond (if they follow the Western tradition) or with a stone that corresponds to the horoscope of the bride. The girl’s parents are given five, seven or nine envelopes (these numbers are considered lucky). In one of them, there is money that should compensate for the expenses of the wedding. Other envelopes have a purely symbolic meaning.

Japanese Brides Marry Foreigners

It is indeed a very true fact that many Japanese Brides marry foreign men and want to spend their whole lives with them. According to statistics for 2016, more than 6000 women married foreigners. And the number grows every year in a mandatory manner.

Japanese Women Look For Stable Relationships Online

Like any women in the world, Japanese Brides are no exception to the rule, and look for equality, value, love, kindness, happiness, peace, and much more in a relationship. A woman wants to trust her partner, to have a shoulder to lean on when things look hopeless. If a woman is seeking something in a man, it is the confidence that he will be there for his future Japanese wife.

In a healthy relationship, a woman’s weaknesses are not an excuse for cheating or violence. In the relationship of a good couple, the weaknesses of both are an opportunity to be stronger without fear and to be a reliable support for each other.

A Japanese Mail Order Bride’s Dream Of Marriage

In fact, Japanese Brides are a really good marriage option because these women have character, respect the traditions of other cultures, are loyal to their love persons, love sex, respect their boys and husbands’ parents and relatives, and cook very well.

Japanese Brides Want To Have Kids

More than 60% of Sexy Japanese women do not want to have children with anyone because it would hinder their careers, according to the data. Accordingly, if you want to have children with a Japanese woman, then you must at least fully support her financially and be able to provide for her children as well.

Japanese Mail Order Wives Speak English

If you are simply incredibly scared of the fact that future Japanese Brides will not be able to understand you because they do not know the English language, then you can take a breath and be calm. Beautiful Japanese women know this language and speak it at a high level. 

Although, if you want to impress a Japanese girl, our experts advise you to learn at least a few phrases in her native language. So you will become a better candidate for a security man for life experience and a serious relationship.

Our Interview with a Japanese Mail Order Bride

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Can you start by introducing yourself and sharing a bit about your background?

Hi, I'm Mei, originally from China. I decided to explore the possibility of finding love through a mail-order bride platform, hoping to connect with someone who shares my values.

What inspired you to consider becoming a mail-order bride?

Life in my hometown presented limited options, and I wanted to broaden my horizons. The idea of meeting someone from a different culture intrigued me. I believed it could lead to a deeper connection.

How was the experience of connecting with your partner through a mail-order bride platform?

It was a mix of excitement and caution. I carefully went through profiles, exchanged messages, and eventually found someone I connected with on a personal level. We took the time to understand each other before deciding to meet.

Were there any challenges or misconceptions you encountered during this process?

Certainly. There are misconceptions about mail-order brides, and it's important to emphasize that we are individuals seeking genuine connections. Challenges included adapting to cultural differences and ensuring safety throughout the process.

What advice would you give to others considering the mail-order bride route, particularly from an Asian perspective?

Be patient, communicate openly, and be honest about your expectations. Respect and understand each other's cultural backgrounds. It's a unique path, and approaching it with an open heart can lead to wonderful outcomes.

Thank you, Mei, for sharing your insights with us. We wish you continued happiness in your journey.

Thank you. It's been a pleasure

Why Do Japanese Women Become Mail Order Brides?

In fact, women from Japan choose foreigners because they love the beauty of their countries, the charming culture, and they also want to live in other countries. Also, if you are really looking for Japanese Women, our experts advise you to find a platform to meet Japanese brides, because it will be cheaper than looking for a girl online all over Japan.

What Do Japanese Brides Appreciate In Foreign Husbands?

Most men ask, “Why do Japanese women look for rich men?” But the answer to this question is this – women are looking for men who can meet the financial needs of the family. If a couple goes through a financial crisis every time and does not have a stable income, then this will certainly shake the roots of the relationship in the future. After all, women prefer to remain financially secure in married life.

Success Stories from Japanese Dating Sites

Success Story #1 Image
William and Daiyu AsianMelodies logo
William and Daiyu connected on an Asian dating site, drawn together by their shared cultural roots despite living in different countries. Their messages quickly evolved into deep conversations, sparking a desire to meet. When William traveled to China, their connection intensified. Exploring Daiyu's hometown solidified their bond, and they realized they wanted to be together. William made the life-changing decision to relocate to China. They combined their cultures, careers, and passions, creating a beautiful blend in their lives. Their story stands as a testament to the power of love transcending borders, showcasing how understanding and embracing differences can lead to a fulfilling life built on mutual respect and shared dreams.
Success Story #2 Image
Michael and Huang TheLuckyDate Asian logo
Michael and Huang's love story started on an Asian dating site, drawn together by shared interests despite living in different countries. Their messages quickly turned into deep conversations, prompting Michael to visit Taiwan. Their chemistry in person solidified their bond, leading Michael to relocate. Together, they blended their creative talents, showcasing the beauty of their union through collaborative projects. Their story exemplifies how love transcends distance and cultural barriers, creating a life founded on shared passions and mutual understanding.

How To Find A Japanese Bride Online?

You actually have two ways to search for average Japanese Bride. The first is to go to Japan, but it will cost you up to $5,000 for a 15-day stay, or looking for this baby online will cost you up to $3,000 per month.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Japanese Women For Marriage?

Our experts have calculated the amount of money that will have to be spent on the search, support of emotions and relationships, and on the wedding. On average, you will need $39,000. Why this is so and what these funds are spent on, our experts have described below.

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Travel Expenses

According to statistics, you will need at least $5,000 for a 15-day stay in Japan. This includes both tickets, food, and hotel stays. Of course, you can spend more or less. But on average, you should have such a budget if you aim to find a Japanese Woman.

Gifts And Tokens Of Affection

Many people like to pamper their beloved girl, and this is quite understandable – in this way, we pay attention to her, show that we are ready to spend for the good of our chosen one.

Unexpected (and not necessarily expensive) pleasant surprises, which are selected with taste, can melt the heart of even an ardent snow queen, and they will allow a man to feel like the main earner and a generous conqueror. Accordingly, you definitely need to spend money on gifts, but it can be from 100 dollars a month.

Translation Services

It’s unfortunate, but according to statistics, only a little more than 10 percent of the population learns English and, accordingly, speaks it. Therefore, you will need either the services of a human translator, or a translator that you will have on your smartphone or laptop. 

The application translators are free, but if you want Japanese to English translator services, it will cost you $40 per hour, according to this resource.

Visa And Marriage-Related Expenses

Regarding expenses during the wedding, on average, according to statistical data, you will spend from 25 thousand to 30 thousand dollars for the wedding. You can learn more about it in this source. Of course, a wedding can be cheaper, but mainly due to traditions and the number of guests, wedding expenses are such a large amount. A visa will cost you 120 dollars.

Post-Wedding Costs

In Japan, those invited to the event adhere to the scheme of gifting envelopes with money, and fairly decent amounts in the envelopes allow you to pay for the banquet. But it is only at a Japanese wedding that guests leave not empty-handed, but with small personal gifts. 

They are prepared by the newlyweds for each of those present at the wedding separately. It can be a box of sweets or something more substantial. For gifts to your Japanese Brides guests, you can spend as little as $100, a $1 gift per guest, or as much as $1,000.

And for the wedding ceremony itself, you will need up to 29,000 dollars, and after that, the first night is still traditional, which will most likely take place in a hotel, so you will need an additional 300 dollars for this.

Cultural Engagement And Understanding

There is no honeymoon in Japan. So, the legends about the capacity and responsibility of the Japanese are true. They work a lot and have little rest. But what is really shocking is the absence of a honeymoon for newlyweds. They don’t even take a vacation for 2 weeks, as European couples do, for example, to establish a common life. Accordingly, you will not spend money on the honeymoon. 

Ongoing Support And Relationship Investment

Since the popularity of Japanese Brides is very high in the market of potential brides, even your wife, if you treat her badly, may file for divorce with you. So, our experts advise maintaining a relationship with a Japanese girl through constant compliments, attention, romantic dates, trips, and whatever else Japanese lady wants. Accordingly, you can spend from $400 per month on this.

Location China
Age 27
Occupation Engineer
Religion Buddhist
Hobbies Calligraphy, Hiking
English level Proficient
About me Ni Hao, I'm Mei Lin from China! I'm a 27-year-old software engineer who enjoys calligraphy and hiking. In addition to my tech career, I'm a part-time volunteer at a local animal shelter.
Location Pakistan
Age 29
Occupation Teacher
Religion Islam
Hobbies Poetry, Yoga
English level Proficient
About me Hello, I'm Aisha from Pakistan! I'm a 29-year-old teacher who loves poetry and yoga. As an avid photographer, I capture moments that reflect the beauty of everyday life
Location Japan
Age 31
Occupation Architect
Religion Shinto
Hobbies kebana, Photography
English level Proficient
About me Konnichiwa, I'm Yuki from Japan! I'm a 31-year-old architect who enjoys Ikebana and photography. I'm also a black belt in karate and teach self-defense classes in my community.

Tips For Building A Relationship With A Japanese Bride

Our experts have written some tips for you on how you should treat Japanese Brides in order to like them.

HonestyThis quality is the basis of all relationships, so it is very important for a couple to remain faithful to your partner. So, when choosing her future husband, women are looking for an open and honest partner whom she can trust and rely on.
Fulfillment of promisesWomen don’t like men who don’t keep their promises, especially before marriage. Note that this applies not only to relationships, but also to career and family responsibilities. Also, women look to see if their potential husband is punctual.
CaringEveryone likes to feel loved, regardless of their gender, and that’s why all women look for men who can accept their flaws and will continue to love.

Myths About Japanese Mail Order Brides

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All Japanese Brides are Submissive

A common misconception is that Japanese Mail Order Brides are uniformly submissive. While Japanese culture places emphasis on respect, it’s inaccurate to generalize the submissive stereotype. Single Japanese women are individuals with diverse personalities and characteristics.

Marrying for Financial Gain

Another myth suggests that Japanese Brides marry foreign men solely for financial stability. While financial considerations are a part of any marriage, assuming that it is the primary motivator oversimplifies the complexities of human relationships. Many Japanese women seek love, companionship, and shared values in their marriages.

Language Barrier is a Major Issue

Some believe that communication problems due to language differences are insurmountable. In reality, many Japanese Brides speak English proficiently, and couples often find ways to bridge language gaps. Language exchange and mutual effort contribute to effective communication in international marriages.

Arranged Marriages are Common

Contrary to the belief that Japanese wives enter arranged marriages, the majority of modern unions are based on mutual consent and personal choice. While traditional matchmaking practices exist, many Japanese couples meet through various avenues, including online platforms and social settings.

Japanese Brides Are Only Interested in Western Culture

It’s a misconception that Japanese wife are exclusively fascinated by Western cultures. While cultural exchange is often an exciting aspect of international relationships, Japanese women, like individuals worldwide, appreciate diverse qualities in their partners and are open to exploring various cultural backgrounds.

Japanese Brides Are Exotic Objects of Desire

Some misconceptions portray Japanese Brides as exotic objects of desire, perpetuating stereotypes rather than recognizing their individuality. ViewingJjapanese mail order bride as unique individuals with their own dreams, aspirations, and complexities is crucial to fostering respectful and meaningful relationships.

International Marriages Lack Stability

There’s a myth that marriages between Japanese Brides and foreign men lack stability. In reality, the success of any marriage depends on shared values, mutual understanding, and commitment. Many international couples, including those with Japanese Brides, build strong and enduring relationships.

Debunking these myths is essential to fostering a more accurate understanding of Japanese Mail Order Brides and promoting respectful, informed perspectives on international relationships.

5 Things you should know about Dating Japanese Girls!🇯🇵💋


Hawaii is very popular as a honeymoon destination for Japanese Brides. The biggest difference between a Japanese wedding and a European wedding is that the state registration of the marriage takes place after the spouses return from their wedding trip.

This procedure is quite ordinary, without pompous ceremonies. Since a wedding ceremony in Japan is very expensive, many couples decide to get married abroad in order not to invite numerous guests. Time passes, and globalization erases national traditions, but in Japan, old customs are simply supplemented with new details – and this is a feature of a truly great culture.

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